Dashboard features

Whatever you do, you can do it in Mtix360

Flexible enough for any type of project, powerful enough for any team size. Mtix360 is built to improve teams quality and productivity.

Create single or recurring task

Ease to ‘choose, add, and assign’ the tasks in more efficient ways. Task manager allows you to assign the respective projects and work to team members.

Real-time Screen Monitoring

You can effectively monitoryour teams's workstation screen. And get an screenshot of the employee screen for every 15min. So you dont have to physically monitor what your team is doing. This will also help you to maintain the data security.


With the helpof advanced reporting tool, now you can get the history of the team work and use the same data to track their performance and also use it for appraisal.

Geo-based Attendance

keeps a track of all that concerns you. It keeps you updated with the complete presence and activities of the employees. It gives traces via GPS and other in-build software’s that keep records of attendance.

Understand how Mtix360 works

Choose a better way to work that increases your productivity by reducing team chaos

Create an office

You can control, create and add departments, distribute roles, give permissions to the employees for significant accesses, insert employee’s respective locations and much more. This provides you with the liberty to manage your workspace in your own way.

Set clients

For the second step you can add as many as clients you want according to the priority and align them in the proper manner that helps you manage more precisely. Ease to add or withdraw new, pending or closed clients.

Add task categories

Then you have to add the number of channels & categories divided up by team, project, & client. Here you will be asked to produce and add task categories into the system. It reduces unnecessary confusions and chaos while managing a large number of employees.

Tasks creation

Mtix360 gives you an organized online platform that helps in assigning respective duties and works to suitable employees. In the fourth step, you place and mention the tasks to particular employees, assign work by their relevant positions. It provides flexibility to work and coordinate with ease.

Review task performance

The dashboard facilitates you with much wider prospects of viewing and analyzing the support tickets overview raised by the fellow team members or clients.

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