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Mtix360 is a Project Management Software that is more than just an organizing team management system.

Brief Introduction

Mtix360 is used by corporate teams and individuals across the world, helping them to operate with agility, autonomy, and alignment. It helps in enhancing daily processes and increases productivity levels. Our powerful platform allows users to capture their thoughts, Mind Map their ideas, chat, and collaborate with their team, plan, and manage their workload in a more engaging and promising manner. It is a whole new way of working together and achieving your goals.

Mtix360 makes it easy for the members to see what projects they’re working on, communicate with their team, and plan what comes next — wherever they are. The powerful Centralized feature of Mtix360 provides the collective information of all the projects in one place and it makes sure everybody in the organization is on the same page.

Our mission is to ensure that Mtix360 software simplifies and sorts the team management chaos of an organization to grace up their performances and can do their best work. So we created, Mtix360 that provide the most intuitive and enjoyable project management platform that teams want to use. Our objective is to become the first choice collaboration product for makers and managers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises.

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