Why Organizations Love Mtix360.

Mtix360 makes it easy to collaborate and manage
any project or team.

Task Management

Organize tasks and make quick changes. Shuffle tasks as the team adjusts to new requirements.

Recurring task Management

Create recurring task which are to be created everymonth so you dont have to create the same task every month.

Create Checklist for task

Now you can create multiple checklist and add it to the task so you make sure all the checklist are completed before closing the task.

Attendance Management

Track your employees' attendance location, when and where they clock-in to mark attendance

More Amazing Features

Mtix360 is modern task and project management software for teams that brings Together your tasks, projects, timelines, and conversations to help you achieve more.

Create multi location office
You can generate multiple location offices and can monitor the presence of workers and other relevant information.
Super admin to manage all location.
Mtix360 provides its users with the supervisory admin who coordinates and manages all the office locations at the same time.
Share or strict information across office location
A user is free to share or restrict the office locations information with the respective managers
Customised notification email templates.
Mtix360 is a platform which gives its users the option to choose email templates with custom notification option

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